School Tools

Food Bank RGV’s on-site school supplies center supports and provides school supplies to elementary school classrooms and teachers across the RGV.

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“I love this program it is a great help for [the students] and for me.” – Jessica Aguilar, 2nd Grade Teacher.

School Tools is a program of the Food Bank RGV. It is one of only three similar programs that exists within food banks in the state. Our School Tools program provides school supplies to 62 elementary schools in South Texas that have 90% of students from low income households.

 Our supply center allows teachers at those schools to access the supplies needed during the school year and our primary goal is to ensure these children have the tools they need to succeed early in the educational process. Over 9,500 children are provided supplies on a monthly basis.

 School Tools makes every effort to have basic school supplies. Since we receive donations from many different companies, other materials available at School Tools can vary and may include educational crafts, toys, magazines, books, art supplies, computer software, furniture and more.

School Tools is affiliated with The Kids In Need Foundation. The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization that aims to improve every child’s education by providing school supplies to students in need.

Am I eligible?

Teachers, Counselors and Principals must meet the criteria:

Must work at a school must have a 90% or higher economically disadvantaged student population.

For more information, contact Erica Lechuga at

To Shop a teacher must register online, complete the teacher agreement, and pay the membership fee. All of this can be completed online: